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A Delineation : Ethan Moore is absorbed by the creation of an important visual record that provides tangible evidence of life.  His life, the way he sees it. As an artist, Ethan’s recent exploration into self-awareness has thrust him into the world of critically analyzing who he is by documenting how he sees himself.  Through this book, a visual representation will create impressions of truth and allow the reader to better understand who Ethan really is.


For the Sake of the Children is a story of anonymity. On the surface, it appears that this is merely a collection of disparate elements; yet the development of a narrative through obscurity creates an identifiable storyline. Graphic content and fragmented correspondences reveal details about a broken, but once passionate relationship, forced back together through circumstance. The characters in the photographs are obscured in such a way that it retains their mystery, and the anonymity of these individuals allows the reader create the characters or perhaps, to even identify themselves in their place, making the narrative as universal as it is compelling.



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